A statistical factor used to convert current dollar purchasing power into inflation-adjusted purchasing power. Enables the comparison of prices while accounting for inflation in two different time periods. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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deflator de‧flat‧or [ˌdiːˈfleɪtə, dɪ- ǁ -ər] noun [countable] ECONOMICS STATISTICS
in calculating economic statistics, something that is used to remove the effect of inflation from the figures so that figures from different periods of time can be compared:

• The broadest measure of inflation, the implicit price deflator for the gross domestic product, fell from 2.2 percent in April to 2.1 percent this month.

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deflator UK US /dɪˈfleɪtər/ noun [C]
ECONOMICS a figure that is used to change current prices or wages so that they can be compared to past prices or wages, by removing the effect of inflation: »

The GDP deflator - the overall inflation measure covering all price changes in the economy and not just at the consumer level - rose 0.4 percent in the third quarter to 128.


The price deflator measures the magnitude of price increases and detects whether higher costs drive consumers away from a product.

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